Why use board meeting software?

board meeting

With the advent of technology, the world began to value speed and security. This certainly applies to the field of business and board meetings in particular. So, there is a unique solution called a board portal that helps board members stay mobile, secure, and efficient. These solutions simplify both the administration and the meeting process and solve all problems related to paper documents and data security. In this article, we will discuss the main benefits of using a whiteboard portal in more detail.

Optimize Board Administration

The software allows you to prepare for a board meeting in minutes when it used to take hours. You no longer have to print, collect, and mail copies of documents to every board member. All materials can now be uploaded to the program space in a single click. All files are automatically formatted in PDF format so you don’t have to do it manually.

Drafts of meeting books can also be saved until the final version is created. Within the program, administrators can also create committee spaces, set meeting dates and times, create votes, and share files. Agendas can be created only once at all, and then saved as a template for future use.

All attendees will be kept up to date with the latest updates and changes thanks to automatic notification and will find all materials easily thanks to the smart search function.

Access is easily controlled

Administrators have the right to restrict access to certain documents, both to the committee and to individual board members. This way, all members can see only the documents they need for their activities.

Administrators also control the comings and goings of participants from the space, can help with forgotten passwords, and edit profiles. They also have the ability to archive or delete any items from the space.

Costs kept to a minimum

It used to be a lot of effort and time spent printing and sorting paper materials. At the same time, the company was spending on paper, printing, and other consumables. But now, thanks to board portals, you can transfer any confidential information quickly and securely to other members, while reducing costs and speeding up the information dissemination process. It also contributes to the environment, because less paper consumption serves the environment and can be a big plus in current trends.

Increased board member engagement

The collaborative features of the whiteboard portal help board members interact with each other even outside of the boardroom. So with polls and discussion boards, it becomes easier to get feedback, and it helps meet all deadlines for submissions.

Now you don’t have to leave all the important issues just for the meeting, some of them can be solved remotely and online so that during the meeting you can either spend more time on the really difficult issues or just reduce the time of the meeting. This will increase the productivity and overall productivity of the company, and encourage all directors to actively participate and voice their opinions.

Access to valuable information and resources at any time

The fact that board portal users now have more time and opportunity to explore all materials and think about solution options is a definite plus. And it’s all made possible by the flexibility of the platform, which supports any device and operating system so you can log in and explore information whenever you want. Not only is the information for an upcoming meeting uploaded to the space, but you can also access archives, reports, and so on to better prepare for the meeting.